Our Onboarding Team have successfully onboarded more than 600 OpenAsset clients. While each implementation is different, there are a few basic steps that are common for all clients who successfully implement OpenAsset. While the average implementation takes around 4-6 months from kickoff to launch, this timeframe can differ based on the scope of the project and the resources available.

Following the plan outlined below will ensure you are in a great place to launch at the end of your Onboarding process.

This article covers:

  1. Kickoff - Define Ownership and Goals

  2. Content Upload

  3. System Configurations

  4. Integrate OpenAsset with a Project Database, Intranet or CMS

  5. Employee Module

  6. Adding Basic Powerpoint or Custom Project Templates

  7. Launch to Core Users

  8. Launch to All Users

  9. Archive & Remove Old Image Folders

1. Kickoff - Define Ownership and Goals

Who is going to 'own' the OpenAsset implementation? 

It is critical to have one owner of this project that will work with your assigned Onboarding Manager to make OpenAsset a success.

  1. What are the resources available to the owner to help with the implementation?

  2. Can colleagues help with organizing files for upload? Can they help with tagging files with keywords?

What are your goals?

  1. What is your timeline for launching OpenAsset to core users and to users across your organization?

  2. Are there certain projects you’re using regularly that should be the primary focus of your efforts and resources during onboarding?

  3. Do you want to integrate OpenAsset with a project database or intranet?

  4. Do you want to build custom InDesign or PPT templates? If so, do they need to be part of the initial launch?

  5. Do you have any other goals for OpenAsset?

2. Content Upload

  1. Set a goal for migrating or uploading files into OpenAsset

  2. Agree on a strategy for uploading projects and images into OpenAsset. Will you upload content manually or use the OpenAsset Data Migration service?

  3. Create projects (Our Onboarding Team can upload a list of projects with keywords for you!)

  4. Add content to your projects

3. System Configurations

Project Information

  1. Identify Project information that will be most useful to store in OpenAsset (i.e. Project Description, Market Sector, Service Type, Associated Dates, etc.)

  2. Finalize your project keyword taxonomy

  3. Finalize your project custom fields

  4. Set a date for the completion of project keyword tagging

  5. Start tagging projects with keywords

  6. Complete project keyword tagging

File Information

  1. Develop file keyword taxonomy

  2. Finalize file keyword taxonomy

  3. Set a realistic deadline for completing the tagging of files in your system

  4. Determine how ranks will be used or labeled to indicate level of preference in OpenAsset

  5. Agree how Access Levels will be used for managing the visibility of files

  6. Complete updates to file metadata

Note: Tagging all files with keywords does NOT have to be completed prior to rolling out to core users or even launching to the entire company. Even if all files are not tagged with keywords in advance of a roll out, users will still be able to search by project name/number and other project keywords.

User Groups

  1. Who are the different types of users that will be using OpenAsset?

  2. What permissions do they need? 

  3. Who needs permissions to upload? 

  4. Who needs permissions to tag files with keywords? 

  5. Who needs permissions to share albums?

  6. Set up User Groups (E.g. User, Marketing, Administrator)

  7. Set up global home page for all users

4. Integrate OpenAsset with a Project Database, Intranet or CMS

  1. Do you want to integrate with Deltek Vision? If so, we'll help you configure the link to Vision and then map data to fields or keywords in OpenAsset

  2. Do you want to integrate with another database? Let's have your Developer chat with our Onboarding Team about using our REST API

  3. Any other integrations needed? Check our our integration options available on Zapier

5. Employee Module

  1. Employee Data: Building Employee Profiles and Adding Employee Information

    This step can be done via Integration, OpenAsset assisted import (.xlsx or .csv), or adding the data manually. We can also offer a combination of approaches.

  2. Employee Headshots: Uploading and Attaching Headshots to Employees

    In order to attach headshots to employee profiles, they will first need to be uploaded into your OpenAsset system. Once uploaded, you can attach primary photos in bulk.

  3. Project Association: Linking OpenAsset Projects to Employee Profiles

    This step can be done manually or via OpenAsset assisted import (.xlsx or .csv) by connecting employee codes with project codes.

  4. Resume Templates: Implementing and Launching Resume Templates

    Provide template examples for resume documents to OpenAsset who will scope out the requirements and implement the template into your OpenAsset system.

6. Adding Basic Powerpoint or Custom Project Templates

  1. You can create basic powerpoint templates directly in your OpenAsset system. For more information check out: Creating Your Own Powerpoint Templates.

  2. If your templates are a bit more complex, please send us a blank and completed version of your template in the application you desire. We currently can build custom InDesign, Powerpoint, and Word templates. These can be Project-Based or File-Based.

  3. OpenAsset will scope those templates and provide you with an ETA on delivery or applicable cost.

  4. Templates are built out and delivered for use in your OpenAsset system.

7. Launch to Core Users

  1. Work with OpenAsset to schedule and develop an agenda for training your core users.

  2. Develop internal processes and work-flows to maintain your OpenAsset system.

  3. Agree on a 2 week to 4 week (minimum) period during which the core users (Marketing) use OpenAsset and build it into their workflow.

  4. Confirm any additional image sizes that require setting up in OpenAsset.

  5. Complete any additional tagging of images.

  6. Stop saving to and using images from your organization's old folder structure.

  7. Gather feedback from your core users & log any changes required.

  8. Discuss feedback with OpenAsset and make any required changes to your system.

8. Launch to All Users

  1. Finalize all internal procedures

  2. Agree who will be performing the OpenAsset launch to all users and how OpenAsset can be involved

  3. Agree whether launches are required in different offices

  4. Prepare the agenda and set a date for OpenAsset launch to all users

  5. Set a deadline for archiving and removing old image folders

  6. Launch and train all OpenAsset users

9. Archive & Remove Old Image Folders

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