Starting with the kickoff call, the Onboarding and Customer Success teams will guide you through the implementation and rollout process to ensure that OpenAsset is a success. This article outlines how the rollout of OpenAsset within your firm will be broken down into three distinct phases:

1. Admin Work & System Configuration

The Administrators of OpenAsset (generally the team involved in the Kickoff Call) will be working with the Onboarding Team to ensure that your existing content is correctly uploaded and that your OpenAsset system is configured properly. This will include an overview of basic functions within OpenAsset such as uploading, using file and project keywords, and searching for assets.

We'll meet regularly during this phase to configure your system with you and to offer you guidance based on our experience onboarding hundreds of customers.

2. Core User Training & Rollout (soft launch)

Once the group of System Administrators has determined that your OpenAsset library has the base of content needed to introduce additional users, and the system has been configured to allow for searching and locating relevant files, the Customer Success Team will train your Core User Group on how to use OpenAsset and the best ways to leverage its capabilities to streamline workflows.

The Core User Group is generally made up of the users that spend the most time creating proposals and working with images and videos to promote your firm's projects. These are the users who will find the most value in OpenAsset.

If you have multiple offices, we recommend identifying a member of the team from each office who will act as the Product Champion and work to ensure that the product and workflows are adopted by the local teams.

3. General User Training & Rollout (firm-wide launch)

When your Core Users are confident with using OpenAsset, and you are happy with the configuration of your OpenAsset system, you will be ready to introduce OpenAsset to the rest of your firm.

This is a key moment in the implementation and it is worth considering how best to communicate to your users about the new system that they will be expected to use. Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to develop a strategy for bringing new users up to speed with OpenAsset. We have a large range of resources that can help you explain the basic workflows, as well as the benefits of OpenAsset for new users. 

Once you have completed the firm-wide launch, all members of all teams will then be able to benefit from the storage of digital assets within a searchable database. Having completed the onboarding process, your Customer Success Manager will be available to you for ongoing support and to help you make any improvements to your OpenAsset system in the future.

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