Now that you’ve done the hard work of setting up, populating and organizing your OpenAsset library, it’s time to launch your library to the rest of your company! Review the questions and suggestions below prior to rolling out OpenAsset to more users. 

Assessing Your Library

  1. Are your project and file keyword structures finalized?  You can always make changes moving forward, but having a basic structure in place is important.

  2. Are all your projects tagged? It’s important to have the majority of your projects tagged in the system to maintain the integrity of the ability to search within OpenAsset.

  3. Are all your images tagged? This shouldn’t hold you back from launching, but may help with narrowing down a more detailed search.

  4. Do you have non-project categories in your library? Some examples of popular non-project (or reference) categories include staff photos, inspiration or stock photo categories. This isn’t necessary, but may be useful.

  5. Have you set up user group permissions? This means you have set up permissions within OpenAsset that allows groups of users to do certain things like upload or tag images with keywords or not do certain things like the ability to see images that have been assigned an access level of 'Unapproved'.

  6. Are you using image ranks or access levels?

  7. Are you using albums?

Understanding Your Users

  1. How many users will you be launching OpenAsset to?

  2. What groups or departments do they represent?

  3. What are the needs of your users? And how does that affect how they will be using OpenAsset?

  4. What user groups do you need to set up to ensure you have accounted for all types of potential users? Please note that by default when a new, unassigned user logs in, they are put in the general users group.

Preparing for a Launch

  1. Have you customized your interface? Uploaded your logo? Configured your homepage and login screen?

  2. Have you tested the drag and drop feature, making selections of images, and/or other features like launching a PowerPoint presentation in a potential workflow scenario?

  3. If Active Directory has been integrated, have you tested a username and password to ensure everyone can log in and use the system?

  4. Have you tailored the OpenAsset cheat sheet to fit your company’s training plan and library images? Include the URL where OpenAsset can be found.

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