If you have implemented Access Level Permissions, Project Permissions can be used as a way of granting users access to all images from specified Projects.

If you have set up OpenAsset to block users from seeing 'Un-approved' red / confidential images, here is an example scenario to demonstrate how this feature might be used:

Most users can usually only see images with a green or amber access level on your projects. However, you want to allow one particular user to see red / confidential images on three projects they are working on. You can use the Project Permissions feature to extend their privileges to see red / confidential images on just those three projects.

Create Project Permissions

To configure Project Permissions, navigate to 'Security' > 'Groups' within your settings menu.

If the users you want to allow project permissions for are not currently in a group, create a group, 'Confidential' for example, and add the users you want into that group to allow access to a particular project or projects.

Once you have created your group and added the users into that group, click on 'Edit' next to that group and select 'Project Permissions' from the menu on the left of your screen. Then click 'New Permission' and enter the name or code of the Project you wish to grant access to, followed by 'Save'.

In the following window, tick the 'View restricted use' box and click 'Save'. This will now allow the 'Confidential' group to view 'restricted use' images for the selected Project. You can change this at any time and can add as many individual Project Permissions as you need for a group.

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