This workflow enables you to filter Projects based on information like Keywords, then view the Employees who are linked to your filtered Projects via Project Roles.

For example, this would allow you to quickly download the resumes of all staff members who worked on a particular project.

Create a Selection of Projects

The simplest way of creating a selection of Projects is to filter them by name, code or by Project Keywords. 

You can search for Projects by entering their name or code into the 'Filters' search bar. As you type, matching results will be displayed on the page.

You can also filter Projects by Keywords by selecting them from the 'Keywords' menu. Projects with all of your selected keywords attached will appear in your filtered search.

Selecting the check box on the image thumbnails will add the Projects to your selection.

View Employees from Your Selected Projects

To view all the Projects added to your selection, you can click the 'Selected' icon at the top-left of your browser.

Select the 'View Employees' icon from the action menu to the right of your browser.

This will launch a filtered search for Employees attached to your selected Projects.

From this screen you can create a selection of Employees, then click the InDesign icon to the right of your browser to generate resume documents.

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