If you are looking for employees in your system that match specific criteria - eg. all employees working in a particular office who were hired after a certain date - using Employee Field Filters will help you narrow down your search more quickly.

You can add Field Filters for any Employee Field used in your system. To learn more about using custom Employee Fields, click here.

Searching for Employees with Field Filters

Field Filters are accessible from the 'Fields' menu on the Employees page.

To add a filter to your search, select the 'Add Field Filter' button.

This will launch the following menu, which you can use to set the criteria for your filter.

Select the relevant field to filter on. All employee fields in use in your system will be displayed in this drop-down menu.

Then select the modifier for the filter.

Date fields such as hire date will offer the following filtering options.

Enter the relevant search term and select 'Add Filter and Close' or 'Add Filter' to add an additional Field Filter. 

Field Filters in use are listed within the 'Fields' menu. You can edit or delete them individually, or select the 'Reset' button to remove all filtering options.

Adding Multiple Field Filters

You can build a search for employees that meet multiple criteria by adding additional Field Filters. This will perform an AND search for your chosen fields. 

For example:

  • employees from the EMEA region and
  • employees hired after 1st January 2010

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