OpenAsset has search features that enable you to quickly identify employees with incomplete metadata, helping you to power through admin tasks and improve the quality of your employee data.

Find Employees Missing Information within a Specific Field

Using 'Field Filters' you can identify employees with incomplete information within particular fields on their profile. For example, you could search for all employees without a job title, and update them in one go by paginating between employees. Field Filters are accessible from the Fields menu.

Select the 'Add Field Filter' button.

Select the relevant field to filter on. All employee fields in use in your system will be displayed in this drop-down menu.

Select the 'Is Empty' option from the 'Contains' menu.

Then select 'Add Filter and Close'.

Any employees without information in your selected field will be displayed in the search results.

Find Employees Lacking Data

From the 'Data' menu you can filter on employees that are missing a range of types of information.

You can select options from the drop-down menu to filter on employees that meet the following criteria:

  • all fields are empty
  • no files are attached
  • no primary photo is attached
  • profiles are enabled or disabled (this filter is set to enabled by default)
  • connected to Deltek Vision

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