Updates to OpenAsset: Reviewing our Roadmap for Search

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OpenAsset is built to help you find images fast, and our search functionality is central to this workflow. In May of this year, we launched a major update to the main file search results page, bringing the user interface up to date and in line with other areas of the product. This was the first phase in our roadmap to revamp search, and while the functionality remains largely the same, we have made some improvements to how you find, preview, and use images from the search results page.

In this webinar, we recap on the recent updates to OpenAsset search, and place these updates in the context of our wider product strategy. Join Director of Onboarding and Support, George Bains, and VP of Product, Piers Lowe, as we review the key features of the search results page and our future roadmap for OpenAsset search.

  • Our agenda for this webinar:

  • Working with file selections

  • Changing the view options for search results

  • Setting up your workspace for easier drag & drop

  • Managing files in albums

  • Accessing more information, downloads and similar images without leaving the search results page

  • Phases 2 and 3 of our roadmap for OpenAsset search

Contact our team if you have any questions about the content covered in this webinar.

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