Contacting OpenAsset Support

How to contact our Support team or your Customer Success Manager when issues arise or you are seeking advice on using OpenAsset

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OpenAsset provides professional technical and implementation support to all our clients.

Phone and Email support

A member of the OpenAsset support team will be available to assist with any support queries you might have. 

  • UK office hours: 9:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday UK time

  • US office hours: 9:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday Eastern US time

  • Response to support queries will usually be within 2 hours for typical issues (e.g advice on the usage of features).

  • Faster response will be given to high priority issues highlighted by the client (e.g. application downtime).

  • Support is provided remotely. If access to the clients screen is required, the WebEx screen sharing application or a similar tool will be used.

Contact Details

For help with your OpenAsset system please email Upon receipt of your email a support ticket will be generated automatically, our support engineers will then address your ticket in due course.

For more pressing issues please call one of the following numbers:

  • US office: +1 917-267-0416

  • UK office: +44 (0)870 850 0435

Telephone support with basic training of OpenAsset features

Operational support will be provided to users needing advice on how to use basic or advanced OpenAsset features. We actively encourage clients to call us to discuss set up and use of OpenAsset. This is especially valuable during the early phases of the implementation.

Support with key technical issues

The OpenAsset support team are on hand to work with your IT experts to set up the more advanced technical aspects of OpenAsset. For example, we can help with setting up single sign-on or giving remote access to OpenAsset users.

Help with integration

The support service covers assistance with integrating OpenAsset with other systems. Using our standard APIs we'll be happy to help your IT experts integrate OpenAsset with your Intranet or other applications. 

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

OpenAsset will assign you a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will act as your main point of contact. The support team will deal with the technical roll out of the software, but to ensure your OpenAsset project is a success services will also need to be managed.

Since all clients and implementations are different, your Customer Success Manager will scope out your requirements for the following services:

  • Intensive training

  • General training

  • Data Migration requirements

  • OpenAsset Templates requirements 

Your Customer Success Manager will also be available to ask implementation questions and assist with set up and configuration.

Network, firewall and configuration issues

OpenAsset provide support for the OpenAsset product (and its associated components) only.

It is assumed by OpenAsset that the customer will resolve their own network, firewall and configuration issues. While OpenAsset support will offer assistance (where possible) to a customer when their network, firewall and configuration issues are impacting the use of OpenAsset, the customer is ultimately responsible for supporting their network and any hardware/software outside of OpenAsset (and its associated components). 

All support or assistance provided by OpenAsset is performed remotely.

Resources to help you implement OpenAsset

OpenAsset produce many useful resources to help our clients use OpenAsset, including videos, blogs, help content and webinars. These resources are aimed at ensuring you get the most out of OpenAsset and have been produced after many years of experience observing how best to implement an image library.

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