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OpenAsset Implementation Overview

An overview of the phased implementation project from the kickoff to the initial rollout of your OpenAsset system

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Our Onboarding Team have successfully onboarded more than 700 OpenAsset clients. While each implementation is different, there are a few basic steps that are common for all clients who successfully implement OpenAsset. While the average implementation takes around 4-6 months from kickoff to an initial rollout, this timeframe can differ based on the scope of the project and the resources available.

A typical OpenAsset implementation consists of 4 onboarding stages: ‘Education’, ‘Migration’, ‘Configuration’, and ‘Transition to Adoption’. Each stage involves tailored milestone calls to ensure a successful onboarding of OpenAsset. These conversations can be done together, separately, or in the order of importance to your team’s projects. Our goal is that at least all of these conversations occur.

Please note that additional services such as Employee Modules, Connectors, Custom Integrations, and Templates may lengthen and/or shorten the onboarding process.


Education Stage

Timeline: Typically 2-4 weeks

The education stage involves calls designed to teach you about OpenAsset and its core features. We’ll discuss your organization’s workflows and review how you store your projects and digital assets. At the end of this stage, we’ll develop a plan to migrate all your content into OpenAsset.

  • Onboarding Kick-Off Call: We’ll kick things off and talk about your current workflows for project and content storage and see how OpenAsset can help your team. During this time, we’ll collect information about your team’s structure and talk about what expectations you hope to get out of OpenAsset to ensure we are aligned moving forward. We’ll also review the onboarding process as a whole and talk about what successful onboarding looks like.

  • OpenAsset 101 Overview & Templates Overview: We’ll take a tour of the OpenAsset system and demonstrate some of its core features. Here we can identify which features will be a priority for your onboarding or answer any questions that you may have missed during previous demos. We’ll also talk about terminology commonly used in OpenAsset to provide familiarity with the system (and make sure we’re speaking the same language!). If included in your project scope, we’ll also talk about Templates, which allow you to streamline your content creation and generate high quality documents like proposals, resumes, or project cut sheets directly generated from your OpenAsset system. Even if you plan on tackling templates at a later stage, it’s important to understand what is possible, how other clients think about templates, and what the process looks like.

  • Planning & Strategy Call: On this call, we’ll review where your content is currently stored and develop a plan to get all your priority content (Files, Documents, Project Photography, Employee Headshots etc.) into OpenAsset. We’ll also discuss your options on how to migrate relevant data and information into OpenAsset (i.e. project names, descriptions, market sector etc.) into both fields and keywords. The methods on how to migrate content will also be discussed. This call will start with your team sharing your screen and will end with your team getting to work and preparing content for migration with an intended scope and time-frame in mind.

Migration Stage

Timeline: Typically 4-8 weeks

The migration stage is typically the stage that takes the longest. During this time your team will primarily be outside your OpenAsset system as you prepare to migrate your content into OpenAsset. However, once we’ve successfully migrated all your priority content into OpenAsset, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss what you can do with your content, so your team can start getting value out of OpenAsset and be set up for long term success.

  • Post Data Migration Call: We’ll review the projects and content that were migrated into the system and talk about best practices and recommendations for maintaining the system. We’ll review action items like setting up your projects with hero images and locations, reviewing the keyword taxonomy manager, and introducing file keywording. We’ll also discuss file level metadata like marketing preference and ranks, as well as access levels. If there is anything additional you’d like to add to the system, we’ll also talk about how you can manually upload content on your own quickly and efficiently or work with us to do any type of import in bulk.

Configuration Stage

Timeline: Typically 2-3 Weeks

The configuration stage occurs once your content is in the system and you are familiar with what you can do with your content in the system. We’ll make sure that you feel comfortable and confident using the system, and are aware of common Admin workflows to set your team up for success.

  • System Configuration & Knowledge Check-In Call: We’ll ensure you (the project team that set-up OpenAsset) understand how to use the system. We’ll cover features like groups and permissions, talk about user account management, and perform a knowledge check of specific items to ensure you feel comfortable and confident maintaining and owning the system prior to a full launch or introduction to a new group of users. Here we’ll ask you questions regarding how you see your current workflows interacting with the OpenAsset system.

Transition to Adoption

Timeline: Typically 1 week

To wrap up the onboarding process, we’ll introduce you to the Customer Success Team and review any outstanding items that may need to be ironed out before you transition to a phase called ‘Adoption.’ The ‘Adoption’ phase is simply the ramp-up period of rolling out your system to other users and allowing them to adopt and use OpenAsset and incorporate it into their daily workflows. At this time your system will be in a shareable place. Your team may still be file-keywording, or even contributing new projects to your system - but it is in a starting place for other members to start using the tool.

  • Adopting OpenAsset & Planning Strategy with Customer Success Team: We’ll set-up a call with our Customer Success Team where we’ll summarize successes and completed objectives so far, and transition your conversations to training other users with the Customer Success Team. Your Implementation Manager will take a step back and your project team will interact with the Customer Success Team to plan out your vision for training, rollout, and iron out your work-flows before sharing the system. Our Customer Success Team can facilitate training on your company’s behalf or work with you on a hybrid approach.

At the end of the Implementation process, your team should be in a confident starting place to share. The Customer Success Team will be your strategic partner as you continue to use, adjust, and contribute to your OpenAsset system.

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