Having signed up for OpenAsset, your onboarding process will begin with a call with your dedicated Onboarding Manager. This meeting is an opportunity to set out your strategic goals for OpenAsset, and to make sure your team is clear about the process leading up to your launch.

What can you expect during a Kickoff Call?

During this call, you and your team will have a high-level discussion with the Onboarding Manager to establish:

  • who the primary contacts and active participants in the implementation phase will be from your firm

  • how your files are currently stored and managed and how that translates to the OpenAsset framework

  • a target timeline for the onboarding of OpenAsset - typically this takes between 4-6 months depending on the scope of the project and the resources available

The call may involve a screen share to review your current file storage and to assess what level of clean-up may be needed before your are ready to migrate or upload your existing content to OpenAsset.

The Onboarding Manager will be able to answer any questions you or your team have about best practices and standard workflows, as well as expected timelines for the implementation project.

How can you best prepare for the Kickoff Call?

To make sure your call is productive, we recommend giving some thought to these questions:

What are your priorities for the content upload?

When OpenAsset is rolled out to your Core User Group, the content that they use most frequently should be accessible within your OpenAsset library. This is key to ensuring a successful implementation. If your core users can't find the content they need, they can become disappointed and more resistant to adopting a new system. 

  • start to think about the content that you currently have stored in your existing system. Of this content, which projects or properties are most important to your everyday workload? Is there a subset of the total content that, if uploaded and available in OpenAsset, could quickly deliver value for your core users?

  • some firms choose to focus on content featured on their website, their most recent projects, award-winning projects, or the ones they reference most often in proposals (regardless of time since completion)

Are there additional types of content that you’d like to store in OpenAsset?

In addition to your project images, are there other types of content that users could benefit from having easy access to? This may include content that helps support your company culture, headshots for employee resumes, as well as branding content and logos.

Is your team up to speed?

For the members of your team that will be participating in the implementation project, it’s helpful to share with them the reasons you’ve decided to purchase an OpenAsset subscription. If you can illustrate to your team members the improvements to workflows and the time savings that will be delivered, along with the vision you have for our partnership, securing user buy-in will be much easier.

What happens after the call?

Following the Kickoff Call we’ll agree a plan for your content upload. You will decide whether to manually upload your content into your OpenAsset system, or to move forward with our Data Migration Service in which we handle your content upload for you. In either instance, you will need to ensure that your content is organized in a way that enables your team to be efficient with resources and has a clear path forward for getting content into OpenAsset.

Following the upload of content we’ll review your system configuration and make sure that your team is moving forward with updating file and project metadata. This is an important step as it allows users to begin searching, categorising and filtering content based on ranks and access levels within OpenAsset.

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