Top Tips for a Successful Data Migration Service

If you have opted for a Data Migration for your Content Upload, this article offers some useful advice to ensure it is a success

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Watch this video to see what is required for a successful Data Migration 

There are three key things you can do to ensure that your Data Migration Service goes off without a hitch.

1. Consistency

  • If you are migrating project-related files, we need to be able to identify the project in the folder structure. Typically this means that all of the project folders are located at the same level in your folder structure. Whether it is two levels deep (C:Marketing\Project Name) or three (C:Marketing\Client name\Project Name or C:Marketing\Sector\Project Name), the key is for the structure to be consistent. You may need to clean up files to achieve this consistency.

  • Similarly, if you don't want all files migrated, you can consistently create sub-folders called 'OA migration' and add copies of the files that you want added to OpenAsset. This consistency allows us to create rules for the migration.

2. Dedicate Resources to Clean Up (if necessary)

  • It is really important to maintain momentum during the OpenAsset implementation. Migrating your files is an important part of this process.

  • Set a goal for completing the file cleanup and stick to it! If you let this drag on then you'll lose momentum on the entire project.

3. Prioritize 

  • Your current way of managing files may be very disorganized. You may think that organizing all of your files in advance of a migration 'is going to take forever.' It doesn't have to!

  • You don't have to include all files in the initial migration. In fact, many clients don't. The Data Migration Service is a great way to get the initial batch of the most important files into OpenAsset. It is not uncommon to pick the most important 25, 50 or 100 projects and organize those for a migration, knowing that you'll manually upload the remaining files at a later date.

  • Migrating the most important files while maintaining momentum in the project will allow your core users to start using OpenAsset quickly without being bogged down organizing files that are not used very often. 

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