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Migrating Content from an Existing DAM System

This article outlines the steps you should follow throughout your Data Migration Service

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You are already using a DAM, but have decided to switch to using OpenAsset. Great choice! We have migrated many clients from a DAM to OpenAsset. We will perform a bulk upload of files and metadata into your OpenAsset system. Typically this process will take 72-120 hours to complete.

The Data Migration Service Project Plan

The Data Migration Service consists of the following steps:

1. Scoping the Migration

Your Onboarding Manager will scope the Data Migration, reviewing your goals and the structure of your current DAM. OpenAsset will require access to the server or network that your DAM is stored on, in order to review file locations and metadata structure.

2. Data Export

OpenAsset will review the way files and data are stored in your DAM and provide you with an overview of the content available. We will recommend a plan for migrating this content into OpenAsset.

3. Data Clean Up

Depending on the outcome of the review, you may need to clean up some of your data prior to the migration. This may be done through spreadsheets or within your current DAM.

4. Start Migrating Files

Once you have signed off the data and our proposed migration plan, we will schedule for an OpenAsset Engineer to start the migration. We'll need a copy of the files to be migrated and to your DAM database.

5. Finish Migrating Files

Data Migrations from another DAM typically take 72-120 hours to complete. The number of files being migrated and the complexity of the metadata you’d like imported to OpenAsset will be factors in how long it takes to complete the migration.

6. Reviewing the Migration

Once the Data Migration has been completed, your Onboarding Manager will review the migration with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

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