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Infographic: OpenAsset Onboarding Plan
Infographic: OpenAsset Onboarding Plan

Visualising how your OpenAsset Onboarding Plan will progress

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We have created an infographic that breaks down the key stages of your firm's Onboarding Plan into a series of manageable tasks.

Click the image below to view the infographic. Follow the links in bold to access relevant help content.

Please note that additional action items such as Employee Modules, Connectors, Custom Integrations, and/or Templates may lengthen and/or shorten the onboarding process.

  • OpenAsset Connectors are typically set up within the Migration phase or as soon as possible.

  • Employee Modules can be tackled after the post-migration for projects or can run simultaneously with project-related efforts.

  • Templates can be implemented once all relevant data has been imported or entered into OpenAsset (typically post-migration stage).

  • Custom Integrations are dependent on your team's resources, timelines and priorities.

Contact your Onboarding Manager for clarification on any of the steps outlined in this document.

Read this article for a comprehensive overview of the Onboarding Project Plan.

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