By integrating your Unanet CRM database with OpenAsset, you can connect project and employee data with project photos to create a searchable photo library that leverages Unanet CRM as the single source of project information.

This article is intended as an overview of the installation process. Our Implementation Managers will guide you through all the steps outlined below during your implementation.

Note: the Unanet CRM Connector is available as an add-on in your OpenAsset system. Contact your CSM to discuss enabling it.

Setting Up the Connection

To establish the connection between OpenAsset and Unanet CRM, we need:

  • the Unanet CRM site URL and a username/password with read-only access

  • the "Compass API Key"

  • the "Compass Firm ID/Firm Access Code"

These details can be requested from Unanet and provided to the OpenAsset Implementation Manager for setup/configuration.

Unanet CRM Connector Filters

In order to keep your OpenAsset system well organized, Connection Filters enable you to exclude any projects, employees, and roles that you do not wish to automatically sync across to your OpenAsset system.

For example, you may want to consider using filters to exclude:

  • Projects that are at a planning stage

  • Project roles below a certain number of hours

We recommend using a single test project or employee to test the sync between Unanet CRM and OpenAsset before enabling the connector across your whole system. At this stage, any changes to field mappings or filters can be more easily implemented. Don’t worry, your Implementation Manager will walk you through this testing phase!

Most of our clients re-label an unused existing field (such as ‘Prominent’) to ‘OpenAsset Sync’. Your team’s workflow would mean that you check off this box, or whichever field you have chosen in Unanet CRM, and this would trigger a project to be created in OpenAsset. Your Implementation Manager will guide you on best practices.

Tip: you can use the CSV Exporter to export a spreadsheet of all projects in your OpenAsset system and send this to Unanet to bulk-update your records.

Setting Up Field Mappings

Your Implementation Manager will send you a spreadsheet that is used for listing out all the Unanet CRM field names that you wish to sync, and the corresponding field name in OpenAsset. Please ensure that the field names are entered exactly as they appear in your system!

Submit this spreadsheet to your Implementation Manager and they will handle the rest. If you require any updates or changes to field mappings, reach out to our support team.

Switching on the Unanet CRM Connector

Once the testing of the field mappings is completed, the connector’s daily sync will be enabled. This occurs approximately every 12 hours. A Unanet icon will appear on every Project and Employee in your OpenAsset system that is synced with Unanet CRM.

To identify any Projects or Employees that are not currently synced, you can use the data menu by clicking the ‘Synced’ drop down menu and selecting ‘Not Synced’.

Once a Project or Employee is synced with Unanet CRM, the fields will be ‘locked’ and won’t be editable within OpenAsset to maintain the source-of-truth with your Unanet CRM system.

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