The Deltek Vision Connector is available as an add-on in your OpenAsset system. Contact your CSM to discuss enabling it.

In order to install the Deltek Vision Connector in your OpenAsset system, there are four steps to follow.

1. Supply your Deltek Vision server URL to the OpenAsset Support Team

2. Supply a read-only access OpenAsset account to the OpenAsset Support Team

We use the Deltek Vision API, which requires a user account.

  • Create an OAINTEGRATION role in Vision.

  • Add the user account to this role. We will need the username and password for this account.

3. Configure the 'OAINTEGRATION' roles as follows

General Tab

  • Type of Role: Accounting, CRM

  • Info Center: Employees, Companies, Contacts, Opportunities, Projects are checked 

  • Ensure the 'Allow Access to SOAP API' checkbox is ticked

Record Access Tab

  • Applications: Employees, Companies, Contacts, Opportunities, Projects set to 'Read Only'

Accounting Tab

  • Uncheck ALL

  • Set 'Project Budget Worksheet' to 'Read Only'

Planning Tab

  • Uncheck ALL

4. Configure the 'Access Rights'

If you  have the 'multiple companies' functionality on in Deltek Vision, you will also have to edit the 'Access Rights' Tab. Here, you will need to choose 'Companies' from the Functional Area dropdown and then check the 'Full access to all companies' checkbox.

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