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Adding Data to the Employee Module using Deltek Vision
Adding Data to the Employee Module using Deltek Vision

How to automatically synchronise employee data between Deltek Vision and OpenAsset

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OpenAsset offers an integration with Deltek Vision enabling you to pull employee data into OpenAsset. Our Onboarding and Support will complete most of the configuration work for you, so it offers a quick solution for getting started with the Employee Module.

Integrating your OpenAsset System to Deltek Vision

Create a list of the fields in Deltek Vision that you wish to sync to fields in OpenAsset. Ensure that the field names are written as they appear in your Deltek Vision System.

Typical examples of these fields include:

  • Employee ID/Code

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Position/Job Title

  • Biography

  • Office Location

  • Region

  • Hire Date

  • Sector/Department

  • Certifications

  • Abbreviations

Contact our Onboarding and Support Team who will then configure the integration for you.

Using Deltek Vision Sync

When the integration is configured, a 'Vision Sync' icon will be visible on each employee profile.

Selecting this icon will populate the fields for this employee with data from Deltek Vision.

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