This guide outlines the steps to follow in order to configure and then use the Employee Module in OpenAsset. Each step links to a relevant help article that explains the process in more detail. Our Onboarding and Support Team will provide as much assistance as you need to get up and running. Simply reach out to us here, and we will help you along!

Setting Up the Employee Module

1. Adding your employee data to OpenAsset

The first step is to decide how you will add your existing employee data into OpenAsset: via Deltek Integration, CSV upload, or adding the data manually.

Adding data manually

OpenAsset offers flexible custom fields, allowing you store whatever data or information is relevant to your users. The following articles will show you how to complete this process:

Deltek Vision Integration

The integration enables you to push data from chosen fields in Deltek into OpenAsset. Read more

CSV Upload

You can send a CSV file to our Onboarding and Support Team, who can upload your employee data into OpenAsset for you. Read more

2. Adding staff photos to OpenAsset

Most systems have a Staff category by default. You can upload your staff photos straight to this category and use the file uploader to apply metadata and keywords to these images at the point of upload. Read more

3. Attach photos to your employees

You can quickly attach images to multiple employees and assign a Primary Photo. Read more

4. Add a custom InDesign template to your system

Our Onboarding and Support team will work closely with you to create an InDesign template that matches your specifications. Read more

Using the Employee Module

When your system is configured, you can begin using these key workflows:

1. Finding Employees

  • Search for Employees by name or employee code. Read more
  • Find employees by the projects they have worked on. Read more

2. Selecting Employees

Complete tasks quickly by creating selections of employees. Read more

3. Generating resume documents

  • Using InDesign templates to generate formatted resume documents. Read more
  • Choosing specific Project Roles in resume documents. Read more 
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