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Getting Started with the Employee Module
Getting Started with the Employee Module

This guide outlines the process for setting up the Employee Module in your OpenAsset system, as well as advice for ensuring it is a success

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This guide outlines the steps to follow in order to configure and then use the Employee Module in OpenAsset. Each step links to a relevant help article that explains the tools available to you to complete each step in more detail. Our Onboarding and Support Team will provide as much assistance as you need to get up and running. Simply reach out to us here, and we will help you along!

The Employee Module has 4 major milestones. Please click the table of contents links below to navigate this article:

Building Employee Profiles and Adding Employee Information

The first step is to decide how you will add your existing employee data into OpenAsset: via Integration, CSV import, or adding the data manually. This first step is crucial for building value for your custom resume templates and locating data on employees’ project experiences.

Adding data manually

With a few clicks you can create employee profiles manually. OpenAsset offers flexible custom fields, allowing you to store whatever data or information is relevant to your users and ensure that you’re receiving value from OpenAsset workflows. The following articles will show you how to complete this process:

OpenAsset Assisted Bulk Import

You can send a .xlsx or .csv file to our Onboarding and Support Team, who can upload your employee data into OpenAsset for you. We can support multiple bulk imports throughout your implementation. Let us help with any larger operational lifts throughout your set-up.

Workflow Tip: When building employee profiles and adding employee data, it’s important to know how to search for employees by code, name, or by lack of information. For a guide on best practices on searching employees, check out this guide.


OpenAsset offers a few integrations that allow you to leverage the systems you already have in place. These integrations enable you to push data from chosen fields into OpenAsset. Currently we connect with Deltek Vision, Deltek Vantagepoint, and Unanet CRM (Cosential). Partnerships are often growing, so contact us if you have questions regarding integrations. These integrations allow your team to have one source of truth while allowing you to connect OpenAsset tools to the systems your team’s already using.

Also, if your team has the resources, through OpenAsset’s REST API custom integrations are possible. Please note while the OpenAsset team can provide resources, this integration option would be built by your team. More information can be found below:

Uploading and Attaching Headshots to Employees

In order to attach headshots to employee profiles, they will first need to be uploaded into your OpenAsset system. This step personalizes your employee database and is used often when exporting resume templates.

Tip: If your employee headshot file name has the employee’s first name, last name or matching Employee ID our system will later automatically suggest those files to be connected to their employee profile.

Most systems have a Staff category by default. You can upload your staff photos straight to this category and use the file uploader to apply metadata and keywords to these images at the point of upload. Once uploaded, you can quickly attach images to multiple employees and assign a Primary Photo.

Linking OpenAsset Projects to Employee Profiles

Associating your existing OpenAsset projects to employee profiles is an important step in rounding out your employee database and sets you up for success for resume generation. Connecting projects to employees tells the story of your team and company’s work. This step can be done manually or via CSV import by connecting employee codes with project codes.

Implementing and Launching Resume Templates

Our Onboarding and Support team will work closely with you to implement a template that matches your specifications. Currently, we export documents in InDesign, Affinity Publisher, Powerpoint, and Word. We require a blank and completed version of the template you’d like to create. Leveraging templates within your OpenAsset system reduces the time marketing teams take to work on proposal and marketing material generation, easing their daily workflow.

Workflow Tip:Once templates are in your system you can generate them byusing the right side toolbar andselect specific Project Roles to be exported onto resume documents.

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