Editing Employee Information

How to edit the information that appears on the Employee Overview page

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If your employee-related information is stored in OpenAsset, you can manage it directly through custom fields within Employee Pages. This gives you the flexibility to store any relevant data within OpenAsset without a complicated configuration process.

Editing Employee Information

Editing Information for a Single Employee

To edit the information for an Employee, navigate to the Employee Page and select 'Fields' from the top-left of the page.

This page contains customisable fields for information such as the Employee code, name, hire date, background, job title, office location and qualifications.

Once you have completed the changes to the information, simply click out of the field and the new information will be saved. To undo the change, select the 'Undo' icon to the right of the field.

Editing Employee Information for Multiple Employees

You can save time by editing groups of employees together. To use this workflow, use the filters menu to create a group of employees that you wish to edit, then select an employee and navigate to the 'Fields' page. Once you have edited the information, select the arrow icons to cycle through the employees in this group.

The same page will load for the next employee, allowing you to edit the information without returning to the employees in your selection.

Finding Employees Lacking Information

You can use the Data menu to the left side of the employees page to filter employees by the information stored on their profile.

Using the drop down menus, you can filter employees who are missing information from their profiles. For example, you could filter employees who are lacking primary photos, then use the workflow mentioned previously to add primary photos to this group of employees together.

You can also use the Fields menu to identify employees lacking information within specific fields. Field Filters enable you to filter employees by any information stored against employee objects.

For example, you could add a Field Filter for all employees where the Job Title field is empty, then update them in one go.

Note: the Employee Module is available as an add-on in your OpenAsset system. Contact your CSM to discuss enabling it.

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