Creating, De-Activating, & Deleting Employees

How to create new Employee Objects, and disable or delete them from your system

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Employee-related information is managed within OpenAsset via Employee Objects. These are unique entries that can be related to Projects via Roles and to which images such as headshots can be attached.

Creating Employees

To create a new Employee Object, navigate to the Employee Search Page and select the 'New Employee' icon to the right-hand side of the page.

Enter the relevant information, then select 'Create Employee'. If your company uses a naming convention for employee codes, make sure this is entered correctly.

Once you have created an employee, you can add information by editing fields.

De-Activating Employees

De-activating employees allows you to make visible to other users that an employee is no longer active, without permanently deleting their profile.

To de-activate an employee in your system, navigate to the Employee Search Page and use the Filter menu to search for the relevant Employee by name or code.

Click the checkbox on the thumbnail to select the Employee, then select the 'De-activate' icon to the right of the page. You can select multiple Employees to disable them in one go.

Once you have disabled an employee, a message will be visible on the thumbnail for their profile. You can filter on disabled employees in your system by selecting 'De-activated' from the 'Visibility' drop-down menu.

To enable employees that have been disabled, select the employee or employees and then click the 'Activate' icon from the right-hand menu. You will be asked to confirm this action.

Deleting Employees

Deleting an employee will permanently remove their profile and any data stored within fields on this profile. Images attached to this employee will not be deleted, but they will no longer be attached to the employee.

To delete an employee, follow the same instructions as above but select the 'Delete' icon from the right-hand menu. You will then be asked to confirm the deletion.

Note: if your OpenAsset system is integrated with any of our connectors, the behavior of deleting profiles may vary. Please reach out to your CSM for more information on configuration and best practices.

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