Projects are the cornerstone of a successful implementation of OpenAsset. Projects provide the structure with which to organize your assets in OpenAsset.

Creating a New Project

To access the Projects page, select 'Projects' from the header menu.

Select the 'New Project' button.

When manually entering in a project code/number, please take care to use the correct data. These codes will be used by OpenAsset to create unique filenames. Enter the project code and name into the correct fields.

Click 'Create Project' to save the new project and return to your Projects page. You can then select the project to enter relevant Project information.

Deleting a Project from your System

If you need to delete a project from your system, select the project or projects you wish to delete on the Projects page. Select the 'Delete' icon on the right-hand side of the page. 

You will be asked to confirm your Project deletion. If you are happy to proceed, enter 'DELETE' and select 'Confirm Delete Projects'. This will also delete the files stored within the project.

If you delete a project in error, contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss restoring the project.

Disabling a Project within your System

Disabling a project allows system administrators to remove the visibility of a project for general users. This is useful if you have projects that you wish to archive, but you are not ready to delete them from your system. It can also be useful if a project is 'in progress' and is not yet ready to launch to general users.

To disable a project, select the Project from the Projects page and select the 'Disable' icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

System administrators can still view disabled projects. To re-enable a project select the 'Enable Project' button.

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