Customising System Terminology

How to replace certain built-in fields and terms within OpenAsset with your own text

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You can change the names of some of the built-in fields and terms within OpenAsset. 

The terms that you can edit are: Album; Code; Access Levels (External Use, Internal Use, Restricted Use); OpenAsset; and Project. If you implement a Text Rewrite, wherever these terms appear in OpenAsset, they will be substituted for the replacement term.

Create a New Text Rewrite

Within the Settings menu, navigate to 'System' > 'Text Rewrites'.

From the following page, select the 'New Text Rewrite' button. Select a term from the drop-down menu and add your replacement text. Then select 'Save'.

That text will be replaced throughout your library.

Remove a Text Rewrite

You can remove a Text Rewrite by navigating to the same menu mentioned above and selecting 'Delete' next to the the relevant Rewrite.

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