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Configuring General Permissions for User Groups
Configuring General Permissions for User Groups

How to control the actions that Groups of users can perform in OpenAsset

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You can configure Group permissions for a large number of actions within OpenAsset. To do so, navigate to 'Security' > 'Groups' within your settings menu.

Select the edit link next to the relevant Group and select 'General Permissions' from the menu to the left of the screen. 

From the following page, you can enable or disable any of the following permissions.



  • Search and browse

  • User preferences

  • AssetBar

  • Uploader

  • Support

  • Favourite projects


  • View widgets

  • Add widgets

  • Edit widgets

Document creation

  • Show on the top menu

  • Zip

  • Contact sheet

  • CSV

  • Web download

  • Download request

Image size list

  • View in browser

  • Print

  • Download

  • AssetBar / drag & drop

  • Copy path


  • Show on the top menu

  • Share with users

  • Share with groups

  • Share with everyone

  • Create company albums

Saved searches

  • Show on the top menu

  • Share with users

  • Share with groups

  • Share with everyone

  • Create company saved searches



  • Keywords

  • Associate albums to projects

  • Manage users albums

  • Manage company albums

  • Manage users saved searches

  • Manage company saved searches

  • Create news items

  • Approve download requests

  • Themes

  • Charts

  • Edit additional image field values


  • Create projects and edit code, name and keywords

  • Edit additional project field values

  • Choose hero image for projects

  • Delete projects

Deltek Vision

  • Full Administration

  • Project Linking



  • Image processing

  • Image replacement

  • Users and groups

  • LDAP / Active Directory & single sign-on

  • System admin

  • Categories

  • Image sizes



  • View Employees

  • Add Employees

  • Edit Employees

  • Delete Employees


  • Tag Keywords for Employees

  • Manage Keywords and Categories for Employees


  • Employees to Files

  • Employees to Projects

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