Configuring your OpenAsset Homepage

How to set up your OpenAsset Homepage to make it useful and engaging for your users

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The OpenAsset Homepage is designed to be easily configurable by system administrators, enabling you to provide your users with a visually engaging landing page when they login to your system. You can showcase your firm's best projects, highlight key employees in your system, and direct users to key information or training resources.

For a quick overview of configuring your OpenAsset Homepage, watch the video below:


Configuring the OpenAsset Homepage

To configure your homepage, navigate to 'System Settings' > 'System' > 'Homepage Configuration'.

From the following page you are able to control the settings for how the individual widgets appear on your homepage. Remember to click 'Save Changes' in order to publish changes to your homepage.

Adding and Removing Widgets

To add a widget, scroll to the bottom of the page and select an option from the 'Add New Widget' menu. Then select the plus icon and the widget will appear on your edit page. Your homepage will have a number of default widgets before you configure it.

To remove a widget, simply select the 'Remove Widget' button below the widget title.

Note: Remember that when you are adding widgets to your Homepage, any image, saved search, or album needs to be shared and visible to all your users in order for it to appear on the homepage for those users.

Reordering Widgets

You can reorder the widgets as they appear on your homepage. To do so, select the 'Reorder Widgets' button at the top of the page. You can then drag and drop the widgets from the following menu. When you are happy with the new order, select 'Reorder and Save'. Note that 'Featured Projects' will always appear at the top of the page.

Featured Projects

The Featured Projects widget will display a carousel of your firm's best projects. By default, this will display the ten most recently updated projects in your system, and the thumbnail image will be the Hero Image for that project. Don't worry about empty projects being displayed - only projects with at least one image will be displayed in the carousel.

If you would like to display specific projects, you can do this by selecting 'Order By' > 'Custom'. Then type the project name into the menu and add it to the featured projects list. You can then reorder projects by dragging them into place.

Text Widget

You can use the Text Widget to display an important message or a reminder to all your OpenAsset users. Think of an appropriate title to add to the 'Widget Name' field, then type your text into the text field. You can use the text formatting menu to help convey information, including the ability to add headers, numbered lists, indents, bullet points, and bold or italicised text. There is a character limit of 5000.

You can also add clickable website links or email addresses. To add a URL, simply add a link in the format or and OpenAsset will automatically make them clickable links. You can add an email in the format and OpenAsset will add the mailto: prefix.

Tiles Widget

The Tiles Widget enables you to display a selection of Projects, Albums or Employees to your users. You can have multiple tiles widgets on your homepage to display different types of content to users, and you can choose display either the most recently updated content in your system, or create a custom selection of content.

Having added a tiles widget to your page, enter a suitable title into the 'Widget Name' field, then choose whether to display Projects, Albums or Employees and set the display order to recently updated or custom. To display a custom selection of content, enter the name and drag the items to reorder them.

Map Widget

The Map Widget will display up to 100 of your most recently updated Projects. Projects must have a location set in order to appear. Clicking the map widget on the homepage takes users through to the full project maps view.

You can choose to display the map widget as a single column or full width. If you select the full width option, the map widget will automatically be displayed below the Featured Projects carousel at the top of the homepage.

Single File Widget

The Single File Widget enables you to display any file saved within your OpenAsset system. This could include images, instructional videos or useful documents like brand guidelines.

Once you have added a suitable widget name, selecting the plus icon will take you to a menu where you can search for the chosen file in your system.

Multi-File Widget

The multi-file widget enables you to display files from any single Project, Employee, Album, or Saved Search. Ten files from the chosen Project, Employee, Album, or Saved Search will be displayed on the homepage. Users can then click “View All” to view all files in a search.

After adding a multi-file widget, enter a suitable name into the “Widget Name” field. Then choose if you’d like to display images from a single Project, one employee, a single album, or one Saved Search. Use the search bar on the right to select which specific entity you’d like to display files from. Then, choose the order that the 10 preview files will be displayed in: Access Level, Rank, or Recently Uploaded. For Albums, you can choose to display by Album order, and for Projects, by Project File Order.

The sorting options you’ve chosen for your widget may apply to the file search page accessed from clicking “View All”

  • Project files will be displayed in the file search page differently, depending on if your system defaults to Project File Order when viewing files from a single Project

    • If your system defaults to Project File Order, then Project files will always be displayed in Project File Order, regardless of the sort order chosen for the widget

    • If your system does not default to Project File Order, then project files will be be displayed in the order chosen for the widget on the homepage

  • Album files will always be displayed on the file search page in Album Order, regardless of the sort order chosen for the widget

  • Employee files will be displayed in the order chosen for the widget on the homepage

  • Saved Searches will be displayed in the order chosen for the widget on the homepage

You can have multiple multi-file widgets on your homepage.

Links Widget

The Links Widget enables you to direct users to important information or training resources. This can be a great way of bringing new users up to speed with using OpenAsset. There are a series of default links set within the widget, but you can customize the menu to add links that our relevant to your firm. Links can be internal or external to OpenAsset.

To add a link, simply select the 'Add Link' button, then add the display title and the URL.

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