Ordering Files within Projects
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You are able to take control of the precise ordering of images (or any file) within projects. This is useful if you’d like to tell a story with your project images such as from design, to construction, to completion. Or, you may want to give your users a virtual walkthrough of a building by grouping images based on the space (lobby, stairwell, etc).

This ordering can be used for search, display in OpenAsset, Project Overview page and can even be used to order images in generated documents and on your website via an integration such as our Wordpress plugin.

Enabling Permissions

Admins can find and update the necessary Groups Permissions under the General Permissions tab.

Enabling Default to Project File Order

File sort preferences can be set under Default User Preferences, however, if you want a specific order specifically for your Project files, you can enable the Project file order to supersede the general file sort preferences from the System Preferences page.

How to set Project File Order

When viewing files from a single project, you will see the “Reorder Project Files” button. This option will only appear if the sort order is set to “Project File Order”. Then simply drag and drop files into the order you prefer. Don’t forget to click “Done” when you’re happy with the order you’ve manually set.

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