Setting Project Hero Images

How to identify Projects missing Hero Images and set Hero Images for your Projects

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Hero Images are like the profile pictures for your Projects, and are typically one of your best images representing a Project.

Enabling User Groups to set Hero Images

Only certain users will be able to set Hero Images. This setting is controlled via Group Permissions, by enabling the option 'Choose hero image for projects' within 'General permissions'.

Setting Hero Images from the Project Search

The quickest way to set Hero Images for Projects is from the Project Search. When browsing Projects, you can see which Projects are lacking Hero Images as they will feature a 'Suggested Hero Image' icon on the Project thumbnail.

Projects that do not have chosen hero images will have a suggested hero image automatically assigned. By hovering the cursor over the thumbnail you will see options to confirm the automatically selected option, or to choose another image.

Finding Projects without Hero Images

To quickly identify Projects that do not have have Hero Images set, navigate to the Projects page and use the Data menu to the left of your screen. This menu allows you to filter Projects that are lacking specific information.

From this menu select 'Hero Image' and choose 'No hero image' from the drop-down menu. This will filter on Projects without Hero Images assigned.

Choosing Suggested Hero Images

For Projects with no Hero Image assigned, OpenAsset will suggest an image from this Project. Suggested images are the highest ranked, green access level images in your Project.

If you have the relevant permissions, you can accept suggested Hero Images. To do so, select Tiles View mode and filter your Projects by those without Hero Images set. Hover your cursor over the 'Suggested hero image' button:

If you select the 'Confirm Suggestion' button, the suggested image will be set as the Hero Image for this project. Selecting 'Choose another' will take you to the Hero Image editor for that Project.

The same facility is available from the header of each Project page without a Hero Image assigned. 

Setting Hero Images from a Project

Select the 'Hero Image' link from the top menu. 

This page will display a list of files within this particular Project. You can sort the results by Rank or Date Uploaded to quickly find your best Project images. Selecting an image will assign it as the Project Hero Image.

You can then select the arrow in the Project header to cycle through your filtered Projects without leaving the Hero Image page. This will speed up your workflow if you have lots of Projects to work through.

Setting Hero Images from a File

You can also set a Hero Image for your Project by navigating to the File Overview page for your chosen image. Select the 'Project' tab from the menu at the top-right of the page and click the 'Set as Hero Image' link.

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