Your Project Keywords are tags that are used to describe key aspects of your Projects. These may include the city and country your Project is situated in, its size and LEED status as well as its market sector. Ensuring that your projects have a good keyword coverage will make them searchable within your OpenAsset system, and will improve the overall quality of searches.

Finding Projects lacking Keywords

You can quickly identify projects that are missing keywords by navigating to the Project Portfolio page and using the Data menu. This allows you to filter searches by specific information such as keywords.

From the Data menu, select 'Keyword Count' and choose an option from the drop-down menu. This will allow you to filter projects that are lacking keywords overall or from specific keyword categories.

Editing Project Keywords

To add or remove keywords, navigate to to the Project Overview page of a Project that you wish to edit and select the 'Edit Keywords' tab.

The Keywords that are currently applied to your project are listed on the left side of the window. They are also highlighted green on the right side of the screen in the available keywords menu.

To add a keyword, select it from the available keywords menu. You can use the search menu to locate a specific keyword.

To remove a keyword, select one of the keywords highlighted green.

Editing the Keywords for Multiple Projects

To edit keywords for multiple Projects, use the arrows to quickly paginate through your filtered or selected Projects without navigating away from the Projects page.

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