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Finding Files Lacking Keywords

How to quickly identify files in your system that are lacking keywords

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Tagging images with keywords is essential as this is what enables them to be searchable within your OpenAsset system.

Using the Keyword Count Tool

You can filter searches by files that are tagged with few or no keywords using the Keyword Count Tool.

Select 'Keyword Count' from the 'Search by' menu.

Select a modifier and enter a number, then select 'Add to search'. In the example below, the results would display all files with zero keywords.

Manually Entering a Keyword Count Search

You can also begin a Keyword Count search by typing a formula into the search bar.

First enter 'kc', then '>', '<' or '=' to signify 'greater than', 'less than' or 'equal to', followed by a number.

For example, for files with few than five keywords, enter 'kc<5'.

Then select the suggested option from the Keyword Count field, or simply hit the search icon.

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