The Project Portfolio enables you to quickly find projects based on a range of criteria including project name, code and keywords. It also helps you to identify projects that are lacking in files or information.

Finding Projects by Name or Code

You can search for projects by entering their name or code into the 'Filters' search menu. As you type, matching results will be displayed on the page.

Finding Projects by Keyword

You can search for projects using Project Keywords by selecting them from the 'Keywords' menu to the left of your screen.

Keywords are grouped by the respective categories and you can select multiple keywords to perform an AND search. For example, to search for all London-based offices, you would select the checkboxes next to the keywords 'London' and 'Corporate'.

Keywords are ordered within the categories by frequency of use. If the Keyword you are looking for is not listed, select the 'All Keywords' button and pick your chosen Keywords from the following pop-up window. You can use the Search menu to find specific keywords and you select Keywords simply by clicking them.

Finding Projects Lacking Data

You can use the 'Data' menu to identify projects that are missing specific information.

For example, you can identify all projects that have no Hero Image by selecting the 'No hero image' filter.

You can also use the 'Keyword Count' menu to identify Projects that are lacking Keywords overall, or have few Keywords within specific Keyword Categories.

Ensuring that your Projects are sufficiently tagged with Project Keywords is essential, as this enables them to be searchable by your users.

Editing Information for Multiple Projects

Once you have filtered your projects that are lacking information, you can paginate between the projects to update them all in one session.

For example, you could filter projects by those with 'No Location'. Having updated one project, you can use the arrow icons to paginate through the filtered projects to quickly set locations for multiple projects without navigating away from the Location page.

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