Editing Roles for your Projects

How to identify Projects lacking Employee Project Roles and edit Roles for your Projects

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Roles are used to record the employees that worked on your projects. Roles can be used to find Projects that Employees worked on, and they can be pushed into resumes and project documents.

Finding Projects Lacking Roles

To identify Projects where Roles have not been set, navigate to the Projects search page and select the 'Employee Roles' filter from the Data menu.

Select 'None' from the menu.

Editing Roles for your Projects

Having identified Projects lacking roles, navigate to the relevant Project Page and select the 'Employee Roles' button from the top header.

Then select 'Add Employee Role' from the following page.

Within the following menu you can search for the relevant employee, add all the associated information to store against the Employee Role. This includes the dates that they worked on the project, a description of their role, and the hours that they worked on the project. Select 'Add New Role'.

The Role will then be displayed on the Project Page.

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