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Storing the hours that Employees have worked on Projects
Storing the hours that Employees have worked on Projects

How to include the number of hours an employee has worked on a project within project roles

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When selecting Employees for a bid proposal or deciding which project experience to include in a resume document, it's useful to understand how much time Employees have spent working on a project. This can help you tailor employee resumes to suit the specific bids that you are working on.

Project roles include an 'hours' field, where this information can be stored. Hours can be entered manually in OpenAsset, or you can pull this information from CRM or ERP systems such as Deltek Vantagepoint. Get in touch with us to learn more about configuring an integration. Note: the hours field is not compatible with Deltek Vision.

Storing Employee hours information within project roles

Employees are linked to the projects they have worked on via project roles. Project roles capture useful information including the employee's role, start date and end date, and the number of hours worked on the project. To learn more about creating project roles for Employees, read this article.

Project roles can either be set against an Employee, or against a Project.

To access roles, select 'Project Roles' from the top of an Employee Page:

or select 'Employee Roles' from the top of a Project Overview page:

Select 'Add Project Role' to add a new role or select the edit icon to edit an existing role.

Add the number of hours into the 'Hours' field and save changes.

Sorting project roles by hours

Sorting project roles by hours will help to identify employees and projects that are most relevant to the bid you are working on.

The Project Roles list page is sortable by hours. Select the 'Hours' column:

You can also sort by hours when selecting project roles to add to a resume document:

Viewing Employees from the Project Overview page

Employees who are linked to Projects via project roles are displayed on the Project Overview. Employees are ordered by ID of the employee in ascending order.

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