What is the Employee Module?

An overview of what the Employee Module is and the workflows that it offers to your users

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The Employee Module is available as an add-on to your OpenAsset system. It offers a searchable database of employees and their project experience, enabling you to attach images to employees and connect employees to projects via project roles.

Once configured, your system will have custom employee fields to store whatever data is relevant to your firm. If you use Deltek or Cosential, you can integrate to OpenAsset and synchronise data between the two systems automatically.

Adding a custom template to your system will enable you to combine employees' project information with staff headshots to produce formatted resume documents. These can be configured to your firm's specifications in terms of formatting and branding, and you can select project roles within the resume builder menu. This allows you to generate up-to-date resumes that are relevant to your bid proposals simply by searching for employees and selecting the InDesign icon.

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