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Creating Employee Resume Documents from Templates

How to automatically generate Employee Resume Documents that combine employee information with images into formatted documents

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One of the key benefits of the Employee Module is the ability to generate formatted resume documents automatically. Instead of having to manually edit the text and images, OpenAsset will push employee data and headshots from your system into InDesign, Word, or Affinity Publisher to create resume documents. The document templates are configured to the design specifications of your company. You can request additional resume templates, or changes to your existing templates, by contacting your Customer Success Manager.

Generating Employee Resume Documents

You can generate employee resume documents from the Employees page. To do so, search for employees in your system then create a selection of employees.

Click the 'Export' icon to the right of the screen and select your resume template.

Next, choose the template you would like to use from your available options. To make it easier, you can search for the template, navigate to the different publishing platform tabs available, or navigate to the Favorites tab to access pre-selected Favorites.

Click Continue.

If you have the project role selector enabled, you will be able to select individual roles within this menu.

When you have completed these steps, the resume documents will begin downloading to your PC.

The end result is a formatted resume document that combines your employee-related information with staff headshots and project images. These files can be opened and edited in the publisher of choice.

Note: the Employee Module is available as an add-on in your OpenAsset system.Contact your CSM to discuss enabling it.

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