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Selecting Project Roles When Generating Resume Documents
Selecting Project Roles When Generating Resume Documents

How to use the Advanced Selector to choose specific Project Roles to include in employee resume documents

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When you are generating employee resumes for bid proposals, one of the most time-consuming aspects of this process is editing documents to include project experience that is relevant to the proposal.

Using the Advanced Selector will save you lots of time. You can simply select a checkbox to include it in a resume document, and reorder the roles to suit the proposal. 

To discuss implementing this feature in your system, contact our Support Team or your Customer Success Manager.

This article covers the following topics:

Using the Advanced Selector to Customize Resume Documents

Once this feature has been enabled, you will have an additional option called 'Customize Selection' within the document generation menu.

Firstly, select an employee or create a selection of employees, then, from the pop-up choose from the templates you have in your system. You can filter on the publisher type (eg. Word, InDesign, Affinity), or choose from pre-selected 'Favorites' to make it easier.

Click 'Export' and then, from the following menu, select 'Continue' to progress with your selection of employees.

You will see the 'Customize Selection' menu, which offers a number of tools for filtering and sorting Project Roles.

Viewing Project Role Information

Use the View Columns button to choose which information about the roles you’d like to display. You can select the toggle to enable any Employee Role Field, Project field, or Project Keyword Category as a visible field. You can also use the search bar to search for information within any of these fields.

You can edit the sort order to organize the results. For example, you could sort by the number of hours an employee has worked on a project.

Selecting Project Roles

Select the roles that you would like to appear in the resume by selecting the roles individually, or by pressing shift to select multiple roles. You can select or de-select all roles using the checkmark at the top of the list.

Setting the Display Order for Roles

Once you have made a selection of roles, you can click the 'Selected' tab to choose the display order. The roles are listed in the order in which they will appear in the resume document. Roles can be sorted by any of the columns visible in your display.

To manually reorder roles, use the drag handle to drag and drop roles into the desired order.

Columns can be dragged into different positions in order to focus on the most relevant information for your proposal.

To order roles by a particular column, select the arrows to set the sort direction. Results can be sorted in either ascending or descending order.

Once an order is set, you can then lock the column, which will allow you to then set a secondary sort order. For example, you could order all roles by city, and then the roles in each city could be ordered by sector. You are able to set up to three levels of sort ordering.

Note: Number fields such as Hours are ordered in numerical order, but the column must contain only numbers.

Cycling Between Selected Employees

When you are happy with the roles selected for an employee, use the arrow icons to cycle between your selected employees.

Generating Documents

When you have completed your role selection, click 'Generate Documents' and the files will download to your computer.

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