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Setting Project Roles for Employees

How to edit, delete and add Project Roles for Employees from an employee profile or the Project Overview page

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You can attach employees to projects in your OpenAsset system. Employees' Project Roles will then be visible on their profile, and employees' roles will be listed on the relevant Project overview page. Storing this information within your OpenAsset system makes it easier for users to work out who worked on specific Projects. It also enables users to gain an overview of colleagues' Project experience at a glance.

Storing project roles against Employees will enable you to find Employees by the Projects they have worked on. You can read more about this workflow here.

Identifying Employees Without Roles

To quickly search for Employees in your system lacking Roles, navigate to the Employee search page. Select the 'Project Roles' filter from the Data menu.

Then select the 'None' option from the drop down menu.

This will filter on all Employees without Roles.

Setting Project Roles against an Employee

Project Roles are displayed on an employee's profile page. 

To add new or edit existing Project Roles, select the 'Project Roles' link from the top of the page.

From this page, select 'Add Project Role' to create a new entry.

Enter the name or code of a project into the 'Project' field, enter a 'Project Role', specify the length of time they worked on the project and add a description of their role. Then select 'Add new role' to add this information to your system.

Setting Employee Roles against a Project

Employee Roles are listed on the overview page of a Project. 

To edit the Employee Roles for your Project, select the 'Employee Roles' link from the top of the page.

From this page you can edit or delete existing Project Roles. To add a new entry, select 'Add Employee Role'.

This menu is similar to the one mentioned above, except that you search for an employee instead of a Project.

Select 'Add new role' to add the information into your system.

Note: the Employee Module is available as an add-on in your OpenAsset system. Contact your CSM to discuss enabling it.

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