In addition to the built-in default fields available for projects, files and employees, you can also add custom fields to store additional data.

View Your Custom Fields

You can configure your Custom Fields from the Settings menu. Navigate to 'Image Info' > 'Custom Fields'.

The following page will display the list of current custom fields in your OpenAsset system.

You can filter fields by Scope, allowing you to view fields referring to Projects, Files or Employees.

Types of Fields

Custom fields can be:

  • Single line
  • Auto-complete
  • Drop-down menu
  • Multi line
  • Date
  • On/Off Switch

Create a New Custom Field

Select 'New Field' from the top-left of the page. Name your field and select the scope and type, then click 'Create Field'.

Edit an Existing Field

Click 'Edit' to rename the field, add new values and change the display order. You can enable the field to make it available to users and make it searchable within your OpenAsset system. 

Note: you cannot delete custom fields but you can disable them by unticking the 'Enabled' checkbox.

Restrict by Category or File Format

You can restrict the availability of a Custom Field to specific categories or file formats. For example, you could create a custom field and restrict this to your 'Staff images' category. This field would then appear on all Staff images, but not on your Project images.

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