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Finding and Selecting Employees

How to find and select employees by Name, Code, Fields, those lacking information, or by the Projects they’ve worked on

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You can find employees in your OpenAsset system by:

By finding and selecting employees, this can speed up a number of workflows by creating a selection of employees. These include:

  • attaching photos to employees

  • assigning primary photos

  • downloading resume documents

  • disabling or deleting employees

When you select an employee, it remains in your selection until you deselect it or clear your selection. This enables you to build a selection of employees across multiple filtered searches.

Let’s first review how to find the employees you are looking for.

Finding Employees by Name or Code

You can search for Employees from the Employee Search Page, which is accessible from the top header menu.

To search for Employees in your system, enter their name or employee code into the 'Filter' search menu.

Finding Employees by the Projects They Have Worked On

This workflow enables you to filter Projects based on information like Keywords, then view the Employees who are linked to your filtered Projects via Project Roles. For example, this would allow you to quickly download the resumes of all staff members who worked on a particular project.

Create a Selection of Projects

The simplest way of creating a selection of Projects is to filter them by name, code or by Project Keywords.

You can search for Projects by entering their name or code into the 'Filters' search bar from the Projects Page. As you type, matching results will be displayed on the page.

You can also filter Projects by Keywords by selecting them from the 'Keywords' menu. Projects with all of your selected keywords attached will appear in your filtered search.

Selecting the check box on the image thumbnails will add the Projects to your selection.

View Employees from Your Selected Projects

To view all the Projects added to your selection, you can click the 'Selected' icon at the top-left of your browser. Select the 'View Employees' icon from the action menu to the right of your browser.

This will launch a filtered search for Employees attached to your selected Projects.

From this screen you can create a selection of Employees using the 'Select' menu, then click the Export icon to the right of your browser to launch your available templates.

From here, you would select the relevant Resume template.

Finding Employees by Fields

If you are looking for employees in your system that match specific criteria - eg. all employees working in a particular office who were hired after a certain date - using Employee Field Filters will help you narrow down your search more quickly. You can add Field Filters for any Employee Field used in your system. To learn more about using custom Employee Fields, click here.

Searching for Employees with Field Filters

Field Filters are accessible from the 'Fields' menu on the Employee Search Page. To add a filter to your search, select the 'Add Field Filter' button. This will launch the following menu, which you can use to set the criteria for your filter.

Within this menu, choose the relevant field to filter on. All employee fields in use in your system will be displayed in this drop-down menu. Then select the modifier for the filter.

For example, Date fields such as hire date will offer the following filtering options.

Enter the relevant search term and select 'Add Filter and Close' or 'Add Filter' to add an additional Field Filter. Field Filters in use are listed within the 'Fields' menu. You can edit or delete them individually, or select the 'Reset' button to remove all filtering options.

Adding Multiple Field Filters

You can build a search for employees that meet multiple criteria by adding additional Field Filters. This will perform an AND search for your chosen fields.

For example:

  • employees from the EMEA region and

  • employees hired after 1st January 2010

Finding Employees Lacking Information

OpenAsset has search features that enable you to quickly identify employees with incomplete metadata, helping you to power through admin tasks and improve the quality of your employee data.

Find Employees Missing Information within a Specific Field

Using 'Field Filters' you can identify employees with incomplete information within particular fields on their profile. For example, you could search for all employees without a job title, and update them in one go by paginating between employees. Field Filters are accessible from the Fields menu.

Select the 'Add Field Filter' button. Then, select the relevant field to filter on. All employee fields in use in your system will be displayed in this drop-down menu. Make sure to select the 'Is Empty' option from the 'Contains' menu.

Then select 'Add Filter and Close'.

Any employees without information in your selected field will be displayed in the search results.

Find Employees Lacking Data

From the 'Data' menu you can filter on employees that are missing a range of types of information.

You can select options from the drop-down menu to filter on employees that meet the following criteria:

  • all fields are empty

  • no files are attached

  • no primary photo is attached

  • profiles are enabled or disabled (this filter is set to enabled by default)

  • connected to Deltek Vision

Selecting Employees from the Tiles View or List View

To create a selection of employees, select the checkbox on the image thumbnail. You can do this in Tiles view:

Or in List view:

Viewing your Selection

You can view your selection of Employees by clicking the 'Selected' tab.

You can add Employees to your selection across multiple searches. To remove an Employee from selection, simply untick the checkbox.

Adding all Employees to your Selection

You can use the 'Select' button to add all the employees on your page to your selection.

For example, you could filter on all employees with no primary photo attached, add all these employees to your selection and then assign primary photos to your selected employees without commencing a new search.

To do this, click the 'Select' button at the top-right of the page. Then click 'Select all on Page'.

Clearing your Selection

To clear your selection click the 'Select' button at the top-right of the page. Then click either 'Deselect all on Page' or 'Deselect All'.

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