One of the main functions of OpenAsset is to enable you to quickly add metadata and keywords to files, so that they become searchable within your system.

For an overview of editing file information and keywords, watch the video below:

Editing File Information

When you select a file, metadata is accessible within the 'File Info' tab. If you have the relevant permissions, fields within this tab can be edited. Editable fields are highlighted when you rollover them and any mistakes can be corrected using the ‘Undo’ button.

Editing File Keywords

File Keywords are accessible within the 'Keywords' tab. This menu has been designed to make the process of tagging images with useful keywords as straightforward as possible.

The menu is divided between 'Attached Keywords' and 'Available Keywords'.

Attached Keywords are the tags applied to this particular file. They can describe the contents of the image, such as the building type and materials, as well as attributes of the file, like whether it is a photo or a plan.

Available Keywords are all the keywords within your firm's taxonomy. The keywords are grouped by type and selected keywords are highlighted green, helping you to easily identify any useful tags that are missing from your image.

Remove a Keyword from an Asset

To remove a keyword, rollover the attached keyword and it will flash red. Then select the keyword.

Apply a Keyword to an Asset

To tag an image with a keyword, select it from the 'Available Keywords' menu. You can refine keywords using the Search menu. Keywords will appear green when they are selected.

Tip: you can navigate between images to speed up the process of tagging groups of images, as in the example below.

To find out more about tagging multiple images, click here.

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