Zooming into Images

If you need to examine an image in detail you can do so from the File Overview page. You can magnify an area by clicking on the image, or by using a two-finger pinch action on the trackpad or by scrolling the mouse wheel. Images can be magnified up to a maximum of 500% and you can can instantly zoom in and out of small image details by double-clicking the image.

Viewing a File's Information

Any useful information about a file such as metadata and keywords is accessible from the tabs to the right of the File Overview page. The fields available within the tabs are configured by your system administrator.

Standard Fields

File metadata is stored in the ‘File Info’ tab, which is subdivided into ‘Details’, ‘Upload Info’ and ‘Fields.’ These menus can be expanded or collapsed by selecting their titles.

Project Information

Project Information is accessible from the 'Project' tab. The Project Hero Image is displayed as a header. Selecting this will take you through to the Project Overview page.

Project Information fields like description, client and completion date are displayed in the 'Project Info' header, whereas your Project Keywords are listed underneath.

File Keywords

File Keywords are accessible from the 'Keywords' tab. Keywords applied to this file are highlighted green. If you have the relevant permissions, you can select the greyed-out keywords to apply them to the file. You can also add new Keywords by clicking the + icon next to the relevant Keyword category. Note that after adding new Keywords, you will still need to select them to attach them to the file.

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