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Setting Project Locations

How to add a new Project Location, edit an existing location or identify Projects without locations

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OpenAsset allows you to set location information for your projects. This enables you to view all projects within a particular geographical area, or view your projects within the context of their built surroundings using the Project Maps View.

Finding Projects without Locations

To quickly identify Projects that are missing a Project Location, navigate to your Projects page and use the Data menu to the left of your screen. This menu allows you to filter Projects that are missing specific information.

From this menu select 'Location' and choose 'No Location' from the drop-down menu.

All the projects displayed on your page will be those without locations set.

Setting Individual Project Locations

To set a project location, or edit an existing location, select the 'Location' tab from the header menu of your chosen project.

Select the pencil icon to display the location menu. 

Use the search menu to find the location of your project. You could try an address, zip code or the name of a building. Selecting a search result will drop a pin on the map and save the location.

Note: the name of your project will be entered into the search menu by default, but you must select a result to set the location.

If you are not happy with the precise location of the pin, you can drag it to where you would like it. If you’d like to set the location to another place you can search again.

Setting Multiple Project Locations

Once you have filtered projects by those with 'No Location', you can paginate through the filtered projects to quickly set locations for multiple projects without navigating away from the Location page.

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