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How to view a selection of Projects within Google Maps

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The Project Portfolio page enables you to view the locations of multiple Projects within a single map view. This can help you to situate your Projects geographically and place them within the context of the built environment.

Typical use of Filters and Selections

Using the Faceted Search tool you can filter your searches according to your available Project Keywords. By selecting the checkbox on image thumbnails, you can add Projects to your selection from across multiple searches. Click the 'Selected' tab to view the Projects in your selection.

Viewing Selected Projects within the Map View

Having created a selection of Projects, select the 'Map view' icon in the top menu bar. This will display the selected Projects within a Google Maps viewer. You can use all the normal Google Maps functionality, such as zooming into a map or switching to satellite view.

You can also chose the 'Map Color'. In addition to the default color scheme, you can select 'Grey' or 'Dark'.

Viewing Location Labels

Click the 'Show all Labels' toggle switch to display labels for the Projects. Clicking on these labels will take you through to the Project Overview page.

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