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Generating PowerPoint Presentations from Albums, Projects and File Selections
Generating PowerPoint Presentations from Albums, Projects and File Selections

How to generate PowerPoint Presentation from Albums, Projects and selections of files using custom templates

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OpenAsset enables you to generate a PowerPoint presentation with images that have been automatically re-sized using a Custom PowerPoint Template.

This enables you to easily make presentations using your images and information in OpenAsset, while ensuring that everyone is keeping to the same branding guidelines and sharing PowerPoint presentations that have appropriately resized images.

Launch a Template from an Album

You can generate presentations from collections of images in Albums. To do so, select an Album from the Albums page, then select the 'View Files' button to the right of the screen.

This will display the album images within your Search Results. Click the 'Export' icon from the Action Bar.

Next, choose the PowerPoint template you would like to use from your available options. To make it easier, you can search for the template, navigate to the PowerPoint tab, or navigate to the Favorites tab to access pre-selected Favorites.

Note: you can customize the order of images within an Album, which will make them appear in a different sequence in the presentation. Read this article to learn more.

Launch a Template from a Project

You can generate presentations from your Projects. Select a Project or multiple Projects from the Projects page. Then click the ‘Export’ icon to the right of the page and select a PowerPoint template from the pop-out menu as shown in the above gif.

Launch a Template from a Selection of Images

You can generate a presentation from a selection of images. This can be useful if you wish to present from images gathered across multiple searches or if you wish to tailor your selection of images. To do so, create a selection of images by clicking the blue 'check' icon, then select the Export icon from the Action Bar and select a template from the menu.

Generate a PowerPoint Presentation

The steps above will all result in the following pop-up window appearing, which will take you through the process of generating your document.

After selecting your desired template, hit ‘Export’.

Continue with your selection of files.

Choose your Output File Type as PowerPoint

Select 'Generate Document(s)' and the file or files will begin downloading.

The end result is a PowerPoint document that features automatically-resized images along with your branding and Project information.

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