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Generating Documents from InDesign Templates Using Projects
Generating Documents from InDesign Templates Using Projects

How to generate Project Sheets from the Project Overview page or the Project Portfolio page

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InDesign Templates enable you to generate Project Sheets that pull images and project information straight from OpenAsset into formatted InDesign documents.

Project Sheets can be launched from either the Project Overview page, or the Project Portfolio page.

Launching Templates from the Project Overview Page

Select the InDesign button from the top-right of your screen. You may have multiple template options available in your system. Click the desired template, and then click 'Generate Documents' on the pop-out box.

Launching Templates from your Project Portfolio

The Project Portfolio enables you to generate documents for multiple Projects at the same time. To do so, use the filters to create a selection of Projects. Then select the Export icon from the Action Bar to the right of your screen.

Next, choose the InDesign template you would like to use from your available options. To make it easier, you can search for the template, navigate to the InDesign tab, or Favorite commonly-used templates and access them from the Favorites tab.

After clicking Export, images and text are combined automatically to produce your Project Sheet document.

Click here to learn more about Custom InDesign Templates.

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