Selecting Files

How to create a selection of images from your Files page

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OpenAsset allows you to quickly add or remove images from your selection, enabling you to build a selection of images across multiple searches. If you are building a selection to create an album, to batch edit, or to use in an application like InDesign, you can easily refine your selection of images before you use them.

Images remain in your selection until they are removed. This means you can navigate away from the Files page to your projects or albums, you selection of images will still be there when you navigate back.

Selecting Files

Selecting from Search Results

Select the blue 'check' icon to add an image to your selection. You can add as many images as you like to your selection. Use Shift + click to add sequential images from search results.

You can also add large selections of images to your selection by using the 'Select' menu and clicking 'Select all on page'. If you use the search menu to refine the parameters of your search, this a quick way to build your image selection.

Selecting from Similar Images

From an Image Similarity search, you can select the checkboxes on the image thumbnails to add them to your selection.

You can also use the 'Select all' or 'Select these' buttons to add multiple images.

Selecting from the File Page

From the File Page, click the 'Select' icon at the top of the page.

Viewing your Selection

To view your selected images, click the 'Selected' tab in the top header.

Reordering your Selection

Images appear in your selection in the order in which they are selected. If you are creating an album, or exporting the images into a PowerPoint template, you may wish to reorder the images. To do so, view your selected images then click the 'Reorder Selection' button.

You can then drag images into the desired order, before selecting 'Done'.

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