You can use the Carousel to quickly create a selection of files. Files remain in your Carousel until you remove them, allowing you to add images to your selection across multiple searches or as you navigate between different Projects. You can then batch edit the files or use the files in the carousel to create Albums, PowerPoint presentations, InDesign documents and use the Drag and Drop feature.

Selecting Files

Selecting from Search Results

Select the checkbox on the image thumbnail or click the greyed-out area to add an image to the carousel. You can add as many images as you like to your selection. Use Shift + click to add sequential images from search results to the Carousel.

Selecting from Similar Images

From an Image Similarity search, you can select the checkboxes on the image thumbnails to add them to your selection.

Selecting from the File Overview Page

From the File Overview page, select the 'Add to Selection' icon at the top-right of the page.

Ordering your Selection

You can re-order your selection of images by dragging them into position within the Carousel.

Viewing your Selection

Click the 'View all' button to launch a new search that includes all the files within your current selection

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