Albums are collections of files within OpenAsset for personal use or sharing. They offer a flexible way of grouping files from different projects and can be shared with individual users or groups within your organisation.

Creating an Album

To create an album, navigate to the 'Albums' page and select the 'New Album' button from the menu to the right of the screen.

Enter your Album name and a description, then select 'Create Album'.

If you tick the option for adding files straight away, you will be taken to the file search page. From here, you can select files and add them to your new Album using the 'Add to Album' button.

Adding Files to an Album from the Albums Page

To add files to an Album from the Albums page, select 'List View' mode then select the 'Add Files' icon on your chosen Album.

This will take you to the Files page, where you can follow the next steps..

Adding Files to an Album from Files Page

Adding Single Files

You can add files to Albums from search results by hovering over the Album icon on an image thumbnail and clicking the 'Add to Current Album' link. All files that are attached to your Current Album are highlighted in green.

Removing Single Files

To remove a file from an album, click the 'Remove from Album' icon on the image thumbnail.

Adding Multiple Files

To add multiple files to an album, create a selection of images in your carousel and click the 'Add to Album' button. Then select the name of your Current Album.

Removing Multiple Files

To remove multiple files, select the album name from above the 'Remove from Album' button in the carousel.

Adding Files to an Album from the File Overview Page

From the File Overview Page, you can search for an album using the menu within the 'Albums' tab.

Alternatively, you can select the 'Add to Current Album' icon from the top of the page.

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