Collecting Files using Albums

This article shows you how to create Albums and add Files or remove them from Albums

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Creating an Album

There are some different ways that an Album can be created. Firstly, on the Albums page there is a button at the top of the action bar. Clicking this allows you to create an empty album for later use.

The second way to create an Album is to do it when you’re ready to save your selected Files. This is described in the following workflow…

Adding files to an Album

Files are added to Albums via Selections. To add Files to an Album, firstly, select the Files you would like to add by clicking the blue check buttons.

When you are ready to add your Files to an Album, go to the 'Selected' tab, and click the 'Add to Album' button.

From here you have the option of adding to an existing Album or creating a new one.

Once you have added your Files, you can go directly to a view of your Album or go back to your Filtered view.

If you’d like to continue adding Files to this Album you can continue adding to your Selection. Only files in your Selection that don’t already exist in the Album will be added, so you do not need to worry about adding Files to an Album twice.

When you have added more files to your selection, click the 'Add to Album' button again. The most recent Album that you modified will be ready to select.

Removing Files from an Album

To remove Files from an Album, you need to view the one Album you are interested in on the File Search results page. You can either find the Album on the Albums page, then click through to view its Files…

or search for Files in the Album using the main search menu at the top of the screen.

When viewing one Album on the File search page, you will see the Album title at the top.

Then, when you move your mouse cursor over an image you will see a button in the bottom left of the image that allows you to remove the File from the Album.

Note: you can only remove Files from Albums that you have 'Modify' rights on.

Adding and Removing Files from Albums using the Batch Editor

You can also use the Batch Editor to manage files in Albums.

When you have some Files in your Selection, click the 'Edit' button in the Action Bar.

Then click on the 'Albums' tab.

From here you can see all the Albums that your Selection features in. You can see if the Selection is partially in an Album. Each Album listed has a link to Add or Remove the Selected files from the Album.

You are also able to create new Albums or find existing ones by typing the Album name into the search field under 'Add to Album'

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