Linking Albums to Projects

How to link Albums to Projects, filter Album searches by linked Projects, and view Albums from Project Overview pages

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Albums can be linked to individual or multiple Projects in your system. This can help users to navigate between Projects and Albums, as well as enabling them to filter Album searches by the Projects they are linked to.

Linking an Album to a Project

To link an Album to a Project, select 'List view' and find the relevant Album on the Albums page. Then select the 'Linked Projects' link in the Album information.

From the following window, search for a Project by name or Project code, then select 'Add Project'. When you have added all the Projects associated with your Album, click 'Save'.

Filtering Albums by the Projects they are linked to

You can filter Albums by Project using the 'Linked to Project' search field on the Albums page.

Simply enter the Project name into the search field and all Albums linked to this Project will be displayed.

Viewing Linked Albums on the Project Overview Page

Once an Album has been linked to a Project, it is visible on the Project Overview page. From here users can click through to individual Albums, or select 'View All' to view these Albums filtered by linked Project.

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