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Finding Albums

How to use a filtered search to find Albums stored in your system

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Using a Filtered Search to Find an Album

The way you find Albums in OpenAsset is consistent with how you search for Projects and Employees, with filtering options to the left of your screen, and action buttons to the right.

You can combine multiple filters across different menus for a more precise Album search.

To clear your search filters, simply hit the 'Reset' button.

Finding Albums by Album Name or Description

Enter the Album name or Description into 'Filter by Name or Description' field. 

Selecting the 'Featured Albums' filter will display all Featured Albums in your system that you have permission to view. These are typically examples of your firm's best marketing content.

Finding Albums by Owner

By default, the Albums page will display all albums that you have permission to view. To view only the Albums that you are the owner of, select 'Me' from the 'Owned by' menu.

To view Albums owned by another user, select 'Someone else' from the menu. Then enter their username into the text field and select the correct option.

Finding Albums by Topic

Albums can be tagged by topics. They are ideal tools for sharing examples of 'best', 'most recent' or marketing approved images.

To find Albums by specific topics, select an option from the 'Album Topics' menu. Selecting multiple options will filter albums that are tagged with any of your selected topics.

Finding Albums by their Sharing Permissions

You can filter Albums according to their Sharing Permissions. Select the relevant option from the 'Sharing' menu.

Finding Albums by the Projects they are linked to

Albums can be linked to individual or multiple Projects in your system. Linked Albums also appear on the Project Overview page. You can filter Albums by Project by entering the project name into the 'Linked to Project' field.

Finding Albums with none or few images

You can filter Albums by the number of files they contain. Select an option from the drop-down menu in the 'Data' menu.

This can be useful if you are looking to organise the Albums on your system by deleting empty Albums, or finding underused Albums to improve their content.

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