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Album Ownership

How to find Albums by their owner and transfer ownership of Albums to different users

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If you create an Album, you are automatically assigned ownership of this Album. This gives you full permissions to modify the Album settings and to edit which users or groups it is shared with.

Finding Albums by Owner

You can filter Album searches using the 'Owner' menu.

To view only the Albums that you are the owner of, select 'Me' from the 'Owned by' menu.

To view Albums owned by another user, select 'Someone else' from the menu. Then enter their username into the text field and select the correct option.

Changing Album Ownership

If you have admin permissions, you can change the ownership of an Album or multiple Albums. To do this, create a selection of Albums then select the 'Change Ownership' button from the menu to the right of your screen.

Enter the name of the user or group to which you wish to transfer ownership. Then select 'Change Album Ownership'.

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