Creating, Managing and Deleting Albums

How to create, duplicate, merge and delete albums from your system

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If you are an admin user, most of the actions that you can perform with Albums are accessible from the menu to the right of the Albums page.

Actions like deleting Albums, changing ownership, or viewing files are performed by selecting an Album, or using search filters to select multiple Albums, and then clicking an icon from the action buttons.

Selecting Tile or List View

When browsing Albums, you can select either the Tiles or List view. Tiles view gives a clear visual overview of Albums' contents.

List view provides more Album information, including Album description, topics, linked Projects as well as links that allow you to edit this information.

Creating a new Album

To create an Album, select the 'New Album' button.

Enter your Album name and a description, then select 'Create Album'.

From here, you can upload files directly to your new Album using the upload icon, or you can start adding your existing files to the album.

Duplicating Albums

To duplicate an Album, navigate to the Album in List view and select the 'Duplicate' link.

From the following window you can rename the duplicate Album. By default, it will be given the name 'Copy of [Album name]'. Then select 'Duplicate Album'.

Merging Albums

If you have multiple Albums in your system with similar content, it can be useful to consolidate them into a single Album.

To merge Albums together, create a selection of Albums and select the 'Merge' icon. You can select as many Albums as you wish.

The following menu requires you to select the Album into which the other Album or Albums will be incorporated. Files within the other Albums will all be added to the selected Album. Then select 'Merge Albums'.

Deleting Albums

Deleting an Album does not remove files from your system, just the Album itself.

Select the Albums you wish to delete, then click the 'Delete' icon. 

You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. To proceed, select 'Delete Albums'.

Finding Albums with none or few images

If you are looking to delete empty or underused Albums from your system, you can quickly identify them using the 'Data' filter.

Select an option from the drop-down menu in the 'Data' menu to filter Albums by the number of files they contain.

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