Albums are collections of files within OpenAsset for personal use or sharing. They offer a flexible way of grouping files from different projects and can be shared with individual users or groups within your organization.

Modify Sharing Settings for an Album

To modify the sharing settings for an Album, select the 'Share' link in the Album information.

Sharing Albums with Users & Groups

From the settings window that appears, you can enter the names of Users or Groups that you wish to share the Album with. Select the 'Can modify' checkbox in order to allow them to edit the album contents.

Removing Sharing

To remove sharing with Users or Groups, hover over the relevant icon in the 'Currently shared with' field and select the 'X' that appears.

To remove sharing from multiple Albums, create a selection of Albums and click the 'Remove Sharing' button to the right of the Albums page.

From the following menu, untick the 'Share Settings' that you wish to remove. Then select 'Remove Sharing'.

Share with All Users

To enable all users in your system to view or edit the Album, select the checkboxes in the 'Global Permissions' field.

Notify Your Users

Once you have edited the sharing settings and selected 'Save', users will be automatically notified. If you do not wish users to receive notifications, select the following checkbox in the 'Notifications Settings'.

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