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Sharing Albums with Specific People or Groups

How to share collections of images in Albums with selected Users and Groups, or across your whole firm

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Albums are collections of files within OpenAsset for personal use or sharing. They offer a flexible way of grouping files from different projects and can be shared with individual users or groups within your organization.

Modify Sharing Settings for an Album

To modify the sharing settings for an Album, select the 'Share' link in the Album information.

Sharing Albums with Users & Groups

From the settings window that appears, you can choose to share the album with every user in your organization, with either ‘View’ or ‘Edit’ access. Alternatively, you can enter the names of specific Users or Groups that you wish to share the Album with. You can then change their permissions to either ‘Editor’ or ‘Viewer’.

Notify Users

After clicking ‘Save Changes’ you will then be given the option to notify the selected user(s) that they’ve been shared into the album. This can be accompanied by an optional message.

Note: you can choose to send notifications to groups or users, but if you choose the option to ‘Share With All’ - whether that’s edit or view - then you won't be given the option to send a notification and a notification won’t be sent.

Removing Sharing

To remove sharing with Users or Groups, again click on the Share button, as highlighted in the above workflow. Then change the User or Groups dropdown to ‘Remove Access’.

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